How It Works

Below: Schematic drawing of a SkyWalk bridge showing environmentally protected, enclosed, pressurized walkway (bridge/building junction not shown) mounted on heavy-duty combination support structure and tunnel for redundant power, water, communication and other utility supply connections.


What is SkyWalking?

In traditional design stand-alone high-rise buildings, occupants have no other options but to proceed through a long and dangerous descent to the only exits available, those at the ground level footprint of the structures.   SkyWalking provides the opportunity to quickly exit through multiple, vertically spaced, enclosed SkyBridges to a generally similar companion building.   It is, literally, walking through the sky.

  • SkyWalking is the walking equivalent of flying high in the sky in an environmentally protected, pressurized airplane cabin, from airport to airport.   In this case, we walk high in the sky, in an environmentally protected pressurized, enclosed bridge, connecting building to building.
  SkyWalking through the side of a burning high rise building is the only feasible way to rapidly remove large quantities of people from harms way.  

The vertically spaced bridges are the sure means, regardless of building height, for occupants to rapidly get to safety from any level in the building.   They remove the danger of entrapment for those above the fire floor(s).   They eliminate the long, dangerous descent to ground level.   They dramatically reduce the exposure time to smoke and other hazards.   They eliminate the dreadful effect of suddenly blocked stairways.

  • The SkyWalk project is all about SkyWalking.

Below: The inventors’ rendering of several possible
configurations of SkyWalk Fire / Sure-Escape System.

  Last Updated 12/31/03