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…SkyWalk's purpose is to ensure rapid escape from the dangers of fire and smoke in any tall building.
  This website is the focal point of an initiative to gain public support for the SkyWalk system.  
  The primary mission is to make occupants, operating staff, and visitors to high rise buildings, and also the public-at-large, aware of this new architectural concept for ensuring rapid and safe evacuation from a burning high rise building, in the event of fire or other emergencies.  

The need for major improvement of evacuation methods for the populations of tall buildings was dramatically brought to public attention by the horrendous disaster at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.


Long before that horrific event however, a number of far-seeing officials in the Fire Services had been urgently advocating action to meet that need, as well as many changes in building design to better cope with spread and containment of fire and smoke.  Unfortunately, they could not develop enough support for their views to be accepted.

Now this subject is on the minds and in the hearts of everyone, particularly those who work or live in these high buildings (by commonly accepted definition, ten stories or higher).  And, also very much on the minds and in the hearts of fire-fighters and other rescuers.

It must be noted that, like the rest of us, those in the Fire Services advocating change, would never have imagined an aerial terrorist attack such as the tragedy of 9/11.  Because of the substantial efforts of the Department Of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration and The Department of Defense, it is highly unlikely that such an attack will happen again.  But if it did, SkyWalk’s rapid evacuation capability could cope with the situation.

Regardless of the initiating event, SkyWalk’s purpose is to ensure rapid escape from the dangers of fire and smoke in any tall building.

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